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Check out the What's New section, and see:                                                                                                    Weather Report at the School

new.gif (1467 bytes) Children's Book: Find out about the new children's books Illustrated by Ileana Nadal, and where to purchase them!
new.gif (1467 bytes) Visit our  Cool Critters Dog Training page for information about our Super Dog Training School!...and for the Weather Report at the School
new.gif (1467 bytes) Check out our Cool Critters monthly newsletter
new.gif (1467 bytes) People Portraits: Portraits of human "critters" done at various stages of my career
new.gif (1467 bytes) Agility Cool Critters: check out our awesome AGILITY CHAMPIONS!
new.gif (1467 bytes) Cool Critter Portrait of the Month: "Magic" a beautiful Papillon owned by Ellen Kurland
new.gif (1467 bytes) Cool Links Page: A collection of favorite sites about dogs, wolves, wildlife and dog agility
new.gif (1467 bytes) Bulletin Board:  2017 School Roster is posted
new.gif (1467 bytes) NADAC trial premiums:   The premiums for the fall NADAC trials will be available for downloading in the summer.
new.gif (1467 bytes) TDAA trial premiums:   The 2017 TDAA trial results are now posted. The 2018 premiums will be available for downloading at the end of the year.
new.gif (1467 bytes) Check out our latest Graduates!
new.gif (1467 bytes) Our Agility Dogs that have gone over Rainbow Bridge

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace"
Jimi Hendrix


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