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                 "I explained to St. Peter I'd rather stay here outside the pearly gates.
I'll be very patient and wait. I'll be here, chewing on a celestial bone. No matter how long you may be.
I'd miss you so much if I went in alone. It  wouldn't  be heaven for me"
Author Unknown



5/20/1991 - 10/03/2005
Belgian Tervuren 
owned by Ileana Nadal

Icee was the most beautiful dog I had owned. She was my first conformation dog and my first Terv. She was one of Agility's pioneers. She was the first UKC Agility Champion in Florida (at that time, it was called NCDA). In 1995 Icee placed third in the USDAA Nationals in San Antonio, Texas, and also in the three dog Team Relay from Florida. I was so proud of her! In 1996 Icee earned all her Obedience titles, going from CD to UD in four months, earning a Dog World Award for that accomplishment. She had an air about her...her nickname was "Her Royal Majesty", she was noble to the end.



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, United Kennel Club  Agility Champion.

Owned by Marie Logue.




03/01/1994 - 01/10/2007
owned by Ileana Nadal and Frankie Nadal

Emmy was the first Boxer in the nation to earn the MACH title (AKC) and the ADCH (USDAA) as well as a triple Agility Championship. Emmy was another of the Florida pioneers of Agility. She started out as Frankie's 4-H dog and then became my beloved Agility, Obedience and Tracking Dog. She was the top Agility Dog in the country from 1998 to 2001. Emmy was one of the Alpha Dogs in Animal Planet's Zig & Zag Alpha Dog Challenge, appearing in six of those episodes. For many years we traveled all over the country competing in major tournaments. Her last big tournament was the UKC All Stars at the age of 10, but, most important, she was my best friend and partner.






Boxer owned by Mary and Steve Quinn

Shatze was Mary’s first agility dog, and because of Shatze Mary applied her talents to building agility equipment.She was a very expressive dog, and full of attitude. You could tell what Shatze was thinking by her beautiful eyes, and her ears. Mary learned agility from Shatze, who was a very demanding partner. I’ll never forget the day that Mary got lost in the course, and Shatze gave her one of her disgusted looks, laid her ears back, and left the ring, as if saying “I don’t know that lady”. She’s now healthy again, and running with her other buddies that have gone over the bridge. We will all miss you Shatz!








Rosie, UDX,  RAE, OA, OAJ
German Shepherd Dog owned by Bette Burch

Rosie belonged to a lady in Ocala who gave her to a trainer in Tallahassee so he could put obedience titles on her.  He took her as far as a UD, then she went back to the owner.  By then, the owner was involved with Kerry Blue Terriers and wanted to place the dog.  Becky Babicz bought some sheep from the lady and heard about Rosie.  She told Bette about her and the rest is history.  Bette got Rosie at 5 years old.  Bette had to show in Utility for IPOC at DOCOF that year (which was 6 weeks away and Rosie was in heat).  Bette had only been in the ring in Novice.   Jean Rodoski  helped train Bette in Utility 3 weeks before DOCOF using flash cards and prayer.  Rosie went on to earn her UDX, Open Agility and Rally titles with Bette.  The last 8 years of her life were very full of dog sports and lots of Bette's love.







Belgian Tervuren Owned, loved and missed by Rhea and Ralph Houston.

 American Kennel Club Master Agility Champion 2, USDAA Agility Dog Champion, UKC Agility Grand Champion. 1st "Female" Belgian Tervuren in Florida to receive a MACH.  Retained 1st Place ABTC Belgian Tervuren Agility ranking FOUR YEARS in a row.   







MACH 4, ADCH, U-ACHX Curtises Winston Churchill (Winston), CD,  CGC, OAC, OJC, OGC, LOML (Love of my Life)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, American Kennel Club Master Agility Champion (three times), USDAA Agility Dog Champion, Snooker Champion & Bronze Snooker Champion. United Kennel Club Agility Champion Excellent. Top Cavalier in Agility in AKC for 2000 & 2002. Number 20 in all breeds Double Q in AKC in 2002. World Canine Freestyle Dog Master.

Owned by Marie Logue & Ken Schmidt       











C-ATCH  Fair Oaks Aussie Attitude (Sydney), OF, AX, AXJ,  EAC,  EJC, ECC, TN-E, TG-E, WV-E 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 
Owned by Ileana Nadal & Jeanne Sardo
Sydney earned his CPE Championship at the age of 11, Sydney died peacefully in his sleep October 2, 2010. He was a sweet boy to the very end.














Himark's Silver Belle CDX, RN, AX, MXJ, MJP, NFP, U-CDX, U-AG1, WWCDX, WWRA, NAC, OCC, EJC, TN-O

Shetland Sheepdog Owned and loved by Janice and David Thomas. Shilo was Janice's first dog to train and show. They were peas in a pod and Janice misses her terribly. Shilo loved to show but enjoyed watching videos of herself even more. She would promptly park herself in front of the TV and barked until they showed the videos for the day. Of course, she would continue barking the entire time she watched herslef so Jan & David could not hear the commentary of their friends who took the videos.

Shilo made Janice's life complete and while she realizes time will ease her pain, she knows her heart will never be the same. She can't imagine training another dog. 
Shilo gave Jan & David three of their current Shelties, one being their homebred agility champion, Kashmir.  Her love and devoted companionship are in each and every one of her offspring for which they are thankful. 
She was named after the Neil Diamond song "Shilo"....Janice's  favorite line in the song is...."Shilo You Always Came" which she did at least most of the time.
She was most certainly a gift from God!
"Until we are together again..............we love you and miss you dearly, Shilo."





U-AG1, U-GR Ch/Int'l Ch  Schoen, RN, NAP, OA, OAJ, OAC,  OJC, OGC, TN-N, WV-N,   TG-N, PJ1, CGC, TT

Owned by Mary and Steve Quinn. Schoen was a great representative of her breed. She was sweet, friendly and multi talented. She participated in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, and Tracking, but most important she was beloved member of the Quinn household and will never be forgotten.
  Elijah, RN, CGC

Boxer,  Owned by Don  and Debi White. Elijah was Debi's first Obedience and Agility dog. He made incredible strides within one year of training, and was ready to enter Obedience and Agility at Boxer Nationals when he was struck by cancer. Elijah, along with Don & Debi, refused to give up and fought the disease. He continued for two years, doing both Obedience and Agility. He was an inspiration to all who knew and loved him.




MACH 2, ADCH, Versatility-NATCH, ATCH   Fair Oaks The Joker is Wild, (Levi) XF,  CGC, TDI

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, American Kennel Club Master Agility Champion, First Cavalier in the country to earn Agilty's Triple Crown: ADCH, MACH, and NATCH. First Quadruple Agility Champion Cavalier. Second Versatility NATCH dog in Florida. Levi was our first Cavalier, and another one of our agility pioneer dogs. He was Bobby's first dog, and his 4H partner. He was truly a great dog. Because of his accomplishments, he had the distinction of being one of the performance Cavaliers featured in Barbara Garnett-Wilson's latest books on the breed,  Levi was quite a character, opinionated, challenging,  but always fun. Go to the Bridge Little Man, Icee, Emmy, and Sydney are waiting for you there. You will live forever in our hearts.

Owned by Bobby Nadal, and Ileana Nadal



C-ATCH 2 Dreams Magician of Courtlore (Mick), RN, CGC, OAC, OJC, NCC, NJC, OA, AXJ, AXP, AXJP OF, UAGI, UAGII, SG

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,  Owned and loved by Marie Logue & Ken Schmitz. Mick will be missed!




Majestic Siegrid, RA, AX, OAJ, MXP2, MJP, NF, XFP

German Shepherd,  Owned by Lisa and Michael Fortschneider.

Voo was Lisa and Michael's first agility dog. Our first Agility dog is always very special because it’s the dog that we make all our mistakes with. Voo was Lisa’s learning dog in both Agility and Obedience, and later was also Michael’s first Agility partner. She was very patient with both of them, and in their journey, earned many titles. Voo was 7 QQ's from her PACH and 1 leg away from her herding title. Voo will be greatly missed!





Flash, RN, MX, MXJ, EAC, EJC, TG-E, WV-O, TN-O, CL3-F,
            CL3-R, CL3-S

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,  Owned by Jeanne and Bob Sardo.

Flash was Jeanne's heart dog and best friend. She said he was the prettiest Cavalier she ever bred, and he was strikingly beautiful. He and my Tia grew up together and loved to chase each other. He will be missed very much, not only by Jeanne and Bob, but me as well.




U-GrCH,  ADCH-Bronze, MACH 5, NATCH 2, Versatility-NATCH 2, ATCH, C-ATCH,  U-CDX, Riegel's Diamond of Savoy (TIA), CDX, RAE, MXC2, MJS3, MXF, TQX, WW-CD, WW-RA.

Boxer,  Owned by Ileana Nadal

Tia was a multiple agility champion in the top five agility organizations, the only Boxer to achieve that. She was Top Agility Boxer for 2008 and American Boxer Club Performance Dog of the Year for 2008. First Boxer to earn a MACH 4, a Bronce ADCH, and C-ATCH. Tia earned 120 performance titles in her long career, but the journey is never long enough. She has taken an piece of my heart with her. Until I see you again, my beautiful girl!

  MACH, TACh, CT-ATCH St. Jon Rocketman of Bijou, CD, GN, RE, MXS, MJS, XF, MXP2, MJP2, MXPB, O-EAC, O-EJC, O-OCC, O-TN-E, O-TG-E, O-WV-E, CL-4, TSAD,TMAG, TAM

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,  Owned by Ileana Nadal, Jennifer Wehking, and Jeanne Sardo

Rocketman was the once in a lifetime dog. He was always happy, ready to play and incredibly willing to learn anything. He went from Novice to AKC MACH in only 19 months. He was taken from me too suddenly at the age of 5 years, and left a big void in my heart.







MACH 2 Kashmir

Sheltie,  Owned by David and Janice Thomas








Sheltie,  Owned by Vikki Collins


  MACH MATTIE, Border Collie,  Owned by Noretta Sheffield
  MACH 3, NATCH, Versatility-NATCH, ATCH, PDCH, C-ATCH, T-ACh, U-GRACH  Fair Oaks Han Solo,(Solo),  XF,  CGC, TDI

    Solo was a multiple Champion in 7 Agility organizations: AKC, NADAC, USDAA, ASCA, CPE, UKC, and TDAA.

    He was the healthiest dog I've ever owned up until one hour before his passing. Solo was Eric's 4H dog, and a sweet and gentle soul, always the little gentleman. After having him be such an important part of my life for over 14 years, I am totally lost without my little shadow. The house feels very empty without him.

   We will always miss you my little love.



C-ATCH2, TACh,  Rasta's Padawan Learner  (Jedi), CD, RAE2, AX, AXJ, NF, OAC, NCC, EJC TN-N, TG-N, WV-N,  PD1, PS1, PG1, PJ2, PK2, PR1, TIAD, TG3 (Super Yorkie)

  Owned, loved, and missed by Lisa & Toby Schmeling. He was Lisa’s Novice A dog who taught her a lot about life. He was one of the great Yorkies in history, earning title after title in multiple agility venues, and also in rally and obedience. He brought a smile to the faces of all who loved to watch them run.









MACH 3, ADCH, NATCH, UGRACH 2, C-ATCH, T-ACh, U-CDX, Ch. Bar-Ken's Happy Go Lucky, (Lucky), CDX, GO, RAE, MXP3, MJP3, PAX, MXF, FCI-CD, TN-E, WV-E, TG-E, WW-CD, WW-RE, CGC, TDI

Coton de Tulear, Master Agility Champion, Agility Dog Champion, NADAC Agility Trial Champion, United Kennel Club Agility Grand Championt. First Coton in the world to earn an agility grand championship as well as obedience titles. First Coton to earn Agility's Triple Crown. One of the first dogs in Florida to earn the UKC Grand Agility Champion title.

Owned and missed by Brenda Magnon

































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