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How do Boxers go thru the chute?...
...They punch their way out!!!!

MACH 5 Tia!!!


 Rocketman as a year old!!!

    MACH Rocketman


First MACH Boxer: Emmy, 2001 Florida's first Versatility NATCH dogs: Flame and Levi Versatility NATCH 2 Tia



 MACH 3, NATCH, Vers. NATCH, PDCH, C-ATCH, TACh, U-GRACH Solo In Loving Memory of Susan Lawless Big Winners at the NADAC Fun-raisers: Chica 1st Place Elite, Beau, 1st Place Open, Jasmin 1st Place Intro

DACOF 2016  June 25 & 26, 2016  Kissimmee, FL

Bogey Wan Kenobi

 Our Cool Critters Jedis rocked and the food was great!













Bantha Brogan




Cavalier Jedis

Pedal Leia














Tivo & Trixie Check out the Storm Trooper     











To download the DACOF School Roster for 2017 CLICK HERE

To download Lisa Schmeling's NADAC Title checklist CLICK HERE

To download the Doggy Stew recipe CLICK HERE  


To download the recipe for Natural Bug Repellent CLICK HERE    





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