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Special offer...a limited edition print for canine art collectors.

Cool Dogs print, dog collectible

  Click here to see a large view


        Cool Dogs is a limited edition print depicting a group of friends taking a break from their busy "dog's life" schedule by relaxing under a beach umbrella and wearing their shades as protection against the bright sun.

        The Cool Dogs print is reproduced from an award winning color pencil artwork. Each 17" X 23" print is signed and numbered by the artist. This print has been purchased by collectors throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan who have visited the art gallery at Busch Gardens, Florida.

        Part of the proceeds from Cool Dogs goes to benefit animal rescue. Many dog lovers have purchased the print solely for this purpose.

Cool Dogs normally sells for $35.00 plus tax & shipping.

   With this special offer you can own the print at a savings of over $10.00

The special price of  $25.00 includes tax & shipping

          Order now before the print sells out!

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