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The Premiums for the fall 2017 NADAC will be available late summer


To download the premium click here  
The Order of Classes is on the front page of the premium and will run small to tall on Saturday and tall to small on Sunday




If you would like the premiums e-mailed to you, please contact Ileana

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.


You do not need to become a NADAC member to compete, but your dog does need to be registered with NADAC and assigned a number. We cannot accept entries with " pending" as a number, you must have a NADAC number or a temporary number issued by NADAC for your dog when you enter the trial.

For a complete description of the NADAC rules please visit

Click here to register your dog online with NADAC. Click here to become a NADAC associate member.


    To receive a copy of the premiums by mail please contact:









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