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Other Cool Critter Portraits





UROC URX UCDX Haberl's Rockin Rio BN GN CDX PCDX GO RAE3 VER RM NA NW NJ NT RATS CGCA as well as a Therapy Dog and Service Dog.

3/25/2011 to 8/2/2016. Rio 

Owned and loved by Meri Chupko

"She was one of a kind and we had a wonderful journey together even though it was for a short time."










MACH, C-ATCH 2  Kinetic's Callback CD, RAE, MXS, MJS, OF, ASCA CD, GV-E, JS-E, RS-E, RNX, RA

2014 ASCA Nationals Conformation Finals
2015 CPE Nationals HIT Veteran


   Callback  Owned and loved by Joy Lowe










Annie, owned and loved by Sonya Danile











Chica, owned and loved by Diana and Tom Miller of Urbana, Ohio


Chica is one of my favorit students. She's the fastest cocker I have ever seen run agility! She's full of spunk and truly enjoys what she's doing. Watching Chica run puts a smile on everyone's face. She's also a very accomplished Therapy Dog and every week brings joy to patients in nursing home with an amazing repertoire of tricks.











BR.CH. SHR  Kandiland's Justice Four All, JH, RN, WC, CGC, TDI

Court, owned and loved by Jovonnie Androy, of Golden Gael Farms in Parrish, Florida. Court is one of the gentlest, most beautiful Golden Retrievers I have ever met. Jovonnie has shared him with wonderful friends in Brazil and Argentina, where Court has done a lot of winning and left some beautiful puppies. As one of the South American judges commented about Court : "You can put coat on a dog, but you can never put structure and teach him how to move. Court was simply the Best in the Show today!”  He's a breathtaking representative of the breed.











Gypsy This is one of my favorite portraits. The dog had such an expressive face! Gypsy was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever that had been rescued by a young woman, and was her dog of a lifetime. As a wedding present, her fiance commissioned this portrait from me. This was done almost 15 years ago. The photographs he sent me were extremely high quality, so I was able to easily put great detail in the piece, especially the eyes, which are my favorite feature in a portrait. 













    In March of 1999, Carol Buckler was picking up some supplies for her job as a park ranger when she was attacked by a large dog and severely mauled. The injuries were so severe that she spent a year in multiple reconstructive surgeries, with major surgery and scars on her right leg. The psychological scars were severe as well. Carol had always been an animal lover, and now she found herself pathologically terrified of dogs. With the help of therapists, and her friend Kathy Fornes, Carol adopted Cymba, a mixed breed who had been severely injured by a car. They healed each other, neither of them giving up, and each forming a bond that is stronger as a result.







    Tucker was rescued from the Collier County Animal Control in Naples, Florida. It has a reputation for being one of the highest kill shelters in all of Florida. He was scheduled to die, when one of the volunteers called Susie, a friend of Diane Oblinger from St. Petersburg to take him. When Susie saw him, he was sitting dejectedly in the last kennel, as if he knew he was waiting to die. Tucker turned out to be much older than originally believed, but he was an extraordinary dog. He was like a wise old man, with a presence that made people fall in love with him.
    Susie bought Savannah as a puppy, and of course, Tucker practically raised her. They were best buddies until Tucker crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Tucker came down with a very aggressive type of spleen cancer, and in spite of chemo and holistic medications survived for only three months after surgery.







Podie, owned by Jan Poulton of Land O' Lakes, Florida is Int/Am. CH. Patriot's Pave Penny Pod, NA.  She is named for the bomb sighting device, the Pave Penny, which is mounted on a pod on aircraft to guide the bombs to their targets.  Podie is a very serious minded, loving bullmastiff with deep guardian instincts.  We have a very special bond because of the years of training we have done together.  She is the love of my life."  In addition to her Agility and Obedience achievements, Podie has a CGC (Canine Good Citizen), and a TT (Temperament Test) titles.








      Feathers was a gray and white tabby that came to live with Sheila Kelly along with her dog, and 2 other cats, in 1993. As the years passed, Sheila's attachment for this little cat grew. A feline with a mellow attitude, easy going personality, and sweet disposition, Fez required little more than sharing a glance every now and then, some food, water and air, and a safe place to rest. She was extremely tolerant of the hugs, kisses, grooming, demands for her attention.
    Feathers was popular among family and friends who came to visit and sought her out as she was willing to share anyone's lap for a social moment. She never complained during the last months of her illness. She endeared herself to all her doctors, vet staff members, and fellow patients. "We all cried when she left us. She is missed so much, and I want to remember her for the truly wonderful cat she was and for being a part of my life (03/03/03)"

"Purr-Friend and Guardian of my soul...
Always Insightful  as well as Delightful...
You evoke the spirit of Assisi mixed with your little
Prima Donna side...
Graceful, Wise, Powerful, and Holy...
Partly Entertainer but mostly Comic...
You join countless Feline / Canine / Animal Companions
that have shared, touched, and affected our tiny lives
so deeply and profoundly. God love you all and give
us comfort until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.
Our Darling Feathers, we miss you very much...
Love Mom & the Herd"


    This portrait of Sinder was commissioned by Desiree Hamilton's mother as a birthday present in 1999. Sinder, a Belgian Tervuren and Collie mix,  was adopted at 8 months by Desiree's family form the Golden Valley Humane Society in Minnesota. He grew up to be a sweet and loving pet for Desiree and her best friend. If she was crying or sad, Sinder was the first one to give her a hug, resting his head on her shoulder, and sitting there for as long as she needed him. He loved going camping with the family, and would lay down in the greenery in the middle of the woods with his front feet crossed.
    Sinder crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2002. He came to Desiree when she was 8 years old, and left her when she was 21. He lived a full and happy 14 years!




  This is Tess. Tess is owned and loved by Craig and Pam Olsen in Tampa, Florida. This beautiful red  Border Collie was rescued by Diane Conroy of St. Petersburg, Florida. Diane was becoming very attached to Tess, until Craig Olsen came into the picture and then it was love at first sight.
    Tess is a typically active Border Collie and enjoys doing Agility and Herding with Craig, but she has a mellow disposition that is mirrored in her gentle eyes.




 Brenda's Cotons
    Is that a Havanese? Is it a large Maltese? Or is it a Bichon?'s a Coton de Tulear. This is a portrait of three Cotons owned by Brenda and Alvin Magnon of Tampa Florida.
     A dog's eyes are very expressive and usually give the face it's unique personality. In this breed however, the eyes are not visible when the dog is in full coat.  There was only one eye to work with among the three dogs! I had to express the character of each dog by it's body position and the flow of the hair.






angel.jpg    Angel is a very bright, beautiful black Labrador retriever that temporarily belonged to and was dearly loved by Mary Beth and Rob Flood. Angel was raised as a guide dog puppy by the Flood family, and  when she completed her training at the Florida Southeastern Guide Dog School, she was accepted as a breeder. Ordinarily breeders stay with their puppy raising families, but  the  Floods had to give Angel back because they moved to Connecticut and breeder host families have to live within 100 miles of the school. This was a heartbreak for the Floods as they had become very attached to Angel. Angel was probably about 18 to 20 months old when I did her portrait.  She became a mother on November 22, 2001 (Thanksgiving Day). 




    Luke & Duchess                                                
       This portrait of Luke and Duchess was a birthday gift from Lisa Somers to her husband Cliff.   The two boxers are very important members of the family. Luke is 10 years young and Duchess is an energetic 5. Luke enjoys lounging lazily around the front yard, waiting for the neighbors to come home or out of their house so he can race down to greet them and get a doggy treat (not necessarily in that order).      
      Duchess also enjoys relaxing in the yard, but she prefers exhausting wrestling sessions with her four-legged friends or games of football or catch with her Daddy and the neighborhood kids. One of her favorite activities is going to a  friend's house and chasing the squirrels  away from the bird feeder.





Shadows_portrait.jpg (9332 bytes)   These are companion portraits that were commissioned by Jim Dressler of Albuquerque, New Mexico as Mother's Day gifts for his wife Suzi. Shadow, a 5 year old Belgian Tervuren and her agility partner  Suzi, are an awesome agility team. Jim is their no.1 fan and cheering section.

But Agility is not the only activity in Shadow's life. Jim and Suzi have been Youth Leaders in their church for the past 20 years, taking the kids on many back pack trips into Colorado and the New Mexican mountains. Shadow is the kids' mascot  in all the mountain trips. She is a wonderful trail dog, and even carries her own pack. Breeze's portrait

    Breeze is the newest addition to the Dressler household, and has become Shadow's best friend.
Breeze is growing out of her awkward adolescent stage into the long dark coat  that makes the Belgian Tervuren so breathtaking. Suzi of course, has great plans for Breeze:   conformation, obedience, agility...and all the activities that make the Belgian Tervuren such a versatile companion.






Rudy & Brownie's portrait      Rudy was named after the Christmas song, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. That was the song playing on the radio when his owner Jim Dowling brought the new puppy home. Jim said that Rudy was a fluffy ball of red fur.
, a rather large Pomeranian with a demanding bark,   loves corn on the cob and eats it straight from the cob (with his daddy holding it). He also enjoys pulling off his daddy's socks when daddy comes home from work. His best buddy is  a cat named Brownie and  the two friends, enjoy spending a lot of time together.






Doc's portrait   This is Doc, a Boxer who is a very important member of the Gerulsky household in Riverview, Florida. Besides the standard Boxer passion for chasing squirrels, Doc excels at playing soccer with his two kids (and anybody in the neighborhood who will join in the game.
    I am told that Doc will run the ball and even guard it. Boxers were originally bred as guard dogs, and consequently Doc takes his job seriously, he protects his home, his family, and his soccer ball!







Dillon, white standard poodle   This is Dillon, a standard poodle and devoted companion of Betsy Hicka, of Valrico, Florida.
    Betsy owns and operates Almost Home Pet Resort, a beautiful boarding kennel in Valrico, Florida, and Dillon is one of the official "greeters" of the doggy resort.
   Dillon spends the day along with his other five fluffy poodle housemates watching over Betsy as she takes care of business at the busy kennel. At the end of the day, he joyously piles into her vehicle (along with the other poodles) for the short ride to the house which is located within the kennel compound.














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