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Other Agility Cool Critters

TJ & Khaki   This is Khaki, a two year old sheltie and her two favorite exercise partners,  Elsa and TJ. Kids and Agility seem to go together very well, simply because kids can run much more effortlessly than adults.

    Khaki is a high energy dog, and the kid members of her family, namely Elsa and TJ work very hard to give her the high level of activity that she requires. TJ enrolled with Khaki in my Kids' Agility class and from the first day, it became obvious that this sport was perfect for Khaki.                                                        Elsa & Khaki

    When TJ's school responsibilities make it impossible for him to work with Khaki, his sister Elsa takes over. I am a firm believer that a well trained dog should obey everybody in the family, and Khaki is living proof. She performs just as beautifully for Elsa as she will for TJ (she works for Mom and Dad too!).   




Clean Run Cover
This illustration was on the cover of Clean Run Magazine. It depicts a young puppy  taking his nap inside the tunnel, while leaping through his dreams, are several of the "cool" agility dogs he saw at the show.
At top left is Emmy, we are very proud that she ranked #1 Boxer in AKC Agility for 1998. Emmy loves to jump and weave, but occasionally ignores the color yellow.
At upper right is Nike, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by Jeanne Sardo of Lakeland, Florida. Nike will fly through a course with the happiest smile on his face, but given a choice of obstacles, he would rather spend most of his time on the teeter.
Below Nike is Debit, a black miniature poodle owned by John and Gayle York of West Palm Beach, Florida. Debit is a dark blur in the agility course when working at top speed with John. Debit is also the first poodle to earn the coveted MACH title!
    The Belgian Tervuren weaving at the bottom is Crystal, owned by Rhea and Ralph Houston of Brandon, Florida. Crystal had the distinction of going from zero to AKC Master Excellent in only 13 months, and from zero to USDAA Masters level in only 2 months!

Winston and Gi Gi weaving Winston and GiGi are Marie Logue's "kids". Marie, who lives in Lakeland, Florida, has been working with them in Agility for about a year and a half, and both Winston and  GiGi are now competing at the AKC Excellent level.
    To give herself a little rest, Marie allows the "kids" to warm up together before class. Winston and GiGi work as a unit, taking all the obstacles together as if they were attached. They work so well as a team that sometimes we wish that they could show as a team as well. They even touch the contacts together!                                    Winston & Gi Gi on the dogwalk
    If Obedience Trials have a special Brace Class, why not a similar class in Agility? Think of the challenges and possibilities! We could call it Agility Tandem (or should it be Tandem Agility?)                                                                              



Gussie's portraitThis is Gussie. You don't see too many Rottweilers doing agility, probably because of their heavy frame. Gussie, however, was very agile and loved to do the sport  with her partner, Jack Bonecutter of  Pasadena, Maryland.
         When asked about Gussie's titles, Jack modestly replied that he didn't think about titles, he was just out to have a good time with his best friend, even if  Gussie had quite a few titles next to her name.
       Besides being an "Agility Cool Critter", Gussie, who had a very gentle nature, enjoyed socializing with anybody who was game to getting a big sloppy kiss, specially kids. Jack lost his friend Gussie last year.
















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