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new.gif (1781 bytes)People Portraits: Before I did portraits of pets, I created many portraits of people. This page showcases several portraits done at various stages of my career.

new.gif (1781 bytes)Cool Critters Dog Training School: A page featuring our Dog Training School, with information about classes, location and class schedules. Check out the new classes starting and contact us for information and registration.
Meet our latest graduates from Puppy, Obedience and Agility! And also check out our monthly newsletters.

new.gif (1781 bytes) Bulletin Board : Check out the Boxer punching her way out of the chute and other photos, including our DACOF Team pictures, and other cool pictures of our critters.

   new.gif (1781 bytes) NADAC Premiums   The premiums for the NADAC  trials are now available for downloading!

new.gif (1781 bytes)TDAA Premium  The Premium for the January 14 & 15, 2017 trial is now available for downloading.

new.gif (1781 bytes)Cool Critter Portrait of the Month showcases my latest pet portraits. This month, the spotlight is on Magic.

    new.gif (1781 bytes)Cool Links is a collection of favorite websites with a wealth of information and visuals about dogs, wolves, wildlife and the sport of dog agility.

new.gif (1781 bytes)   Agility Cool Critters showcases canines and their humans who compete in this sport.  Dog agility requires a very high level of skill, but it is also a lot of fun!     These dogs represent some amazing accomplishments.

 new.gif (1781 bytes) New Children's Books!  A New Home for Dominick and A New Family for Dominick chronicles how RVR Horse Rescue in Riverview Florida saved Dominick the Donkey, restored his trust in humanity and found him a loving forever family. All proceeds from the sale of these books go to benefit RVR Horse Rescue. New York City Rats is written by Roni Patton and describes the ongoing war between the Big Apple and the numerous rats that share the city with humans. An Opossum Dilemma: Crossing the Streets at Night Is written by Roni Patton and tells about the dangers facing Possums that try to cross the busy streets at night. This book tries to teach children about crossing the streets safely. Can We Be Friends? Is a book for pre-teens about a handicapped girl struggling to be accepted in a new school. This book has a wonderful message, and is written by Paula Parlor. Christmas Chanuka,  a lovely Holiday book about a girl with a special Christmas wish, is now hot off the press.  This book is written by Irene Buggy, the author of Pollux, The Funniest Pig Ever the skateboarding pig that has brought smiles to many children.  Also check out  I Accidentally, which tells about the misadventure of a mischievous boy during story time in his classroom. Of course, the Animal Ark Books are still available for purchase from this website.

new.gif (1781 bytes)Rainbow Bridge  is a page dedicated to our Agility partners who are waiting for us at the Bridge.



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