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        Limited Edition Prints for Wolf Lovers


Millennium Wolf
Size: 16" X 20"    Edition printed: 750  Price: $65.00 black wolf print, wolves, wolf art, wildlife art                    



click for larger view


Black wolves are actually a color variation of the gray wolf (Canis lupus), and since only two percent of wolves are all black, they are considered very rare.

   The wolf has at various times and in different cultures been regarded with great respect and honor, while at others been the recipient of hatred and persecution as well. Throughout the 20th Century, the myth of the wolf as villain has been perpetuated by books and movies. In spite of being hunted almost to extinction, and its habitats destroyed, the wolf, being a highly intelligent and resourceful animal, is basically a survivor.

   In the New Millennium,  through modern documentaries, contemporary non-fiction, and art, the true wolf is beginning to emerge, and we are beginning to let go of our fears in achieving an understanding of this magnificent animal.                                               

Arctic Wolf Family                                  
Size: 16" X 20"  Edition printed:750  Price: $65.00                   
Arctic wolves print, wolves, wolf art, wildlife art



click for larger view

     The arrival of a family affects the life of every living organism. Whether human or wildlife, the parents quickly learn that the needs of their young take precedence over all else. For wolves, the birth of pups in mid-spring changes the focus of the pack. Until the end of the arctic summer, the wolf's life revolves around raising its young.

    The arctic wolf is a variety of the gray wolf (Canis Lupus). Their home is the arctic region, one of the most inhospitable places in the world. They survive, and even thrive, in an environment where there is no sun for four months out of the year, and where temperatures will dip to minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Their white fur superbly insulates them from the bitter cold and provides camouflage in the snow and ice.

    Summer in the high arctic is very short and vegetation is sparse. As soon as the pups can walk, they are moved outdoors to socialize with the adults who are not hunting. Despite their daily, and sometimes deadly struggle for survival, wolves spend a surprising amount of time engaging in play with their pups, and reassuring them with much physical contact.

   The African proverb: "it takes a whole village to raise a child", perfectly describes a wolf pack's nurturing of its pups...

   Moon of the Wolf    
Size:18" X 23"  Edition printed:750 Price: $65.00
gray wolf print, wolves, wolf art, wildlife art



click for larger view 

     A legend among the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest claims that the wolf first appeared on their shores. It is said that a group of orca whales, sleek and fast in the water, grew tired of the ocean and wished to try life on land. So, the orcas crawled up onto the shore, grew legs and fur, transforming themselves into wolves. As wolves, they ran swiftly through the trees as they once swam beneath the water.

    The gray wolf (Canis Lupus) is the largest of all the wild canids. Its distribution once ranged throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, but its habitat is now significantly reduced, particularly in Europe.

    Its coloration varies from all shades of gray through white, and usually corresponds to the background color of its habitat.  In the arctic regions, the fur will be thicker, and pure white, since white hair insulates better against the cold. The black color is very rare, and only two percent of the wolf population is born black. Fast and resourceful, the gray wolf is a formidable adversary. It will attack and disappear swiftly, leaving behind only paw prints in the snow...

Red Wolf Fantasy 
Size:16" X 20"  Edition printed:750"  Price: $65.00   

   click for larger view


    Somewhere there is a place in which the wild creatures that man has eradicated from this world once again run free and thrive...

    The red wolf  (Canis Rufus) is the smallest of all wolves and is actually a separate species from the gray wolf. The red wolf gets its name from the rich cinnamon color of its fur, and is one of the most endangered animals in the world. Once roaming the Southeastern United States, the red wolf has been hunted, poisoned, and trapped to near extinction because of its fur, and because it was considered a threat to livestock. By the first half of the 20th century, this magnificent predator was reduced to less than 20 survivors.

    Due to changes in its habitat, human persecution, and hybridization with coyotes, it was decided that the only way to save the red wolf was to take it out of the wild. Today, after an intensive captive breeding program, red wolves are being re-introduced in several wildlife refuge areas.

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  • Certificate of Authenticity and story   will be included with your print.

  • By ordering from this Website.,  you will save tax, shipping and handling charges.

  • Buy two or more prints at a special discount price of 55.00 each (tax & shipping is included) Save 10.00 per print.


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